Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Looking Towards the Future

After my half on Sunday we drove up to Whistler and spent Monday wandering around the village and enjoying the Olympic atmosphere. It was a BEAUTIFUL day out. I have seriously never, ever seen the mountain that clear. We didn't ski as I felt like that wasn't the best idea, having just completed a half marathon and all, but it was fun to be up there nevertheless.

We bussed back down on Monday night, as the boy's mom was staying an extra night and we drove up in her car, and arrived back at home at around nine pm. We threw together some quick stirfry with a combination of broccoli, zucchini, and carrots I had steamed on Saturday night that we had leftover, some chicken we picked up at Whole Foods on the way home, and our favorite stir-fry sauce which is made up of: soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, red chili flakes, a bit of turbinado sugar, and water. I had mine wrapped in a whole-wheat pita with leftover spinach salad in maple balsamic vinaigrette (also made for Saturday night) on the side while the boy had his over pasta.

Yesterday I lazed around, took the dog for a walk (we are dog-sitting while my boyfriend's mom is out of town), and eventually went to work at 3:00.

Today I made some banana-almond butter oatmeal for breakfast and then I decided my legs felt good enough to go for a short run. I went to the gym and completed an easy three miles on the treadmill. It felt awesome to run and my legs felt great. I then did twenty minutes of core work and upper back/arm weights. Then I came home and threw some honey, a banana, and some granola into the waning Greek yogurt container and mixed that together. I also had some coconut water and half a sweet potato.

In other news I'm considering what my next races should be. I am terrified at doing a full marathon at the end of June, but I really think I can do it. More than that I think I should. I wasn't afraid of doing a half, but the idea of a full marathon does scare me, and I think, therefore, that I should do it. In order to make sure I am truly ready to take on a marathon, however, I plan to run a few more races first. There is a 10k trail race on April 17th that I really want to run because a) trail races are fun b) I like the 10k distance its short, quick and you feel like you've accomplished something at the end and c) the start is five minutes from my house. Then there is the BMO Vancouver half marathon on May 2nd. I would like to get another half marathon in, and this seems like a good one. The timing is good, and with the exception of the prospect point hill (which comes right in the middle) the course is fairly flat.

Then there is the Seattle rock n roll full on June 27th. I haven't registered yet because once I do I've spent 100 dollars which means I can't back out, but I think I will soon.

Anyway, the plan for the rest of today? Clean the kitchen (our next apartment will have a dishwasher, even if it has nothing else), pay some bills (boo), and head to work at 5pm. I also promised the boy I'd make him lunch but we're a little low on lunch-making ingredients, oh well I'll come up with something.

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