Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bikram and Running

OK, so today was slightly ridiculous. I slept in till about9:30, and for the first time in about a week I didn't set an alarm. It felt so so so nice. I had some peanut butter granola with vanilla almond milk and the boy and I watched some Olympic broadcasts, lazed around and eventually got going. I grabbed a quick veggie burger - Amy's veggie burger on sandwich thins with baby spinach and a mix of hummus, nutritional yeast, and tahini (it seriously tastes like cheese) for lunch. I then dropped the boy off at the bus stop, and then went to Bikram yoga. For some reason I struggled today. I felt dizzy and slightly nauseous and actually had to sit down a few times, but I got through it and per the usual felt amazing afterward.

I was starving when I got home, so I had had lunch number 2: whole wheat tortilla, almond butter, banana, cinnamon, and raisins rolled up and microwaved for about thirty seconds, and then shoved in my face. It was delicious, best combo ever and the microwaving caramelizes the bananas ever so slightly and with the cinnamon its pretty much the best thing ever.

Then I went for a three mile run. I figured I'm in the week leading up to my half, its already a cut-down week until the actual race, I should stick to the schedule. I did a quick three miles on the treadmill, while watching the women's snowboard cross (yay! Canada won gold!), and then came home, starving again and had an apple which I sliced up and then slathered in almond butter. I don't know how it has taken me so damn long to try that combo. It was amazing. Seriously the almond butter tasted like frosting I just about died of happiness.

Then I went to work. On my way I grabbed a pita from the pita pit, it had the following: whole wheat pita with humus, copious amounts of sprouts, grilled green peppers, mushrooms, and onion, banana peppers, feta cheese, hot sauce, and tzatziki. I heated it up in the microwave at work during my break and thoroughly enjoyed it. Will be having the combination again, potentially for lunch tomorrow as we are out of dish-soap, and therefore the kitchen is a hot-mess that makes cooking difficult.

Anyway, the combination of bikram/running/and work has left me exhausted. Time for Greek (yes I watch trashy television) and sleep. Its going to be a good combination.

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